'basa kita'

(Title means Our Language / 'Bahasa kitani') 'Bahasa Tutong' is the language for the Tutong community in Brunei. My parents were born in Tutong, but I am not as fluent as one should be. So Ive decided that whenever i get back home for summer, I have to start collecting bits and pieces from the dad, grandma, and old folks at local kopitiam; and share them here. This is dedicated for my family back home, I miss you all

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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Has it been 8 months already?

My apologies for not updating this blog as often as i would love to. I was busy with my fourth year throughout the 2nd half of last year. Then, Ive got the summer scholarship to do a research, and as the name says it, I have to stay back here over my summer holidays. Well... I actually had 2 weeks (only!!!!) break over christmas and newyear, it was too short and i didnt really get to sit down with the dad and speak much Tutong. the formulae would be, less time at home=less time to speak Tutong=no addition to my Tutong dictionary, make sense? hahha.. ok i kid.

not too late to greet readers..

(4-in-1, awesome!)

Sorry to disappoint you, no new words with this post. I promise, i will post afew during my one month break in June. (=

Have a good year everyone, Salam.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


organised by the PERTAMA. sponsored by skodeng-skodeng. (epic and co.)

i only came in the morning, around 10.30? i overslept. so i kinda missed the opening. *toink* oh well, came with the sister and cousins. sister came 2nd in the colouring contest. it was awesome to see familiar faces around, but i doubt if they know me. they had this anak-siapa-bah-ni look...huhu. aku anak tanjong maya, alaaahai~~

colouring contest was among the activities for the day

'memasukkan butan ke-dalam tayar'


'perlumbaan jetski'

also, perlumbaan merakit, memotong kayu dengan kapak, mengayam ketupat. those were all aku sempat for that morning. had to go somewhere in the afternoon.

keep it up PERTAMA ppl, Salam.


ps: I went to PERTAMA primary school kali ah, buleyhh. LOL =P

Friday, June 20, 2008

tian or nian? tilu or nilu?

the long awaited post is here. it took me.. *look back at the previous post's date*.. SIX months (!!?!) to make this post. mesti post paling hangat ni. jokes! hahha. no i kid you, this will be a normal post; nothing fancy i tell you. i was really busy with work in the first half of the year. i didnt even have time to call back home, so my tutong language kinda deteriorated (i kid again! huhu). watever it was, here i am. home, for a wee while tho. managed to get off work for 5 weeks, so i decided to escape the deadly winter, and fly home (=


INFO section (macam d TV tah pulang...huhu)
Just like the Malay language, Tutong language is being used differently in different parts of this district. Main body of the words will still be the same, except the way we pronounce and the way words are being used, can be different. orang keriam lain bunyinya, orang telisai lain, and my family (hence this blog) is using the 'Kampong Tanjong Maya' version.
I hope this will clarify some confusion in the air regarding differences between the tone i have here, and the one you hear at home. (confusion kalangan orang muda mcm aku. barutah tau ada lain2 cakap tutong ani..huhu)


so yes, im inspired to make a post tonight. but first, lets give a hand to kenangan beach for his daily effort (ive been following ur blog, ure doing a great job. keep it up man).
this is a follow-up from his/her (kenangan beach) post; 'petilu'. and
before i continue, i would like to comment that petilu is actually made up of two different words. Puru + tilu. which means suruh+liatkan. since it would be tongue-twisting to use the whole two words, we use 'petilu' in short.

Anyways, let's look at the topic of this post. i have been wondering for quite a while now, what's the difference between tian and tilu. or between tian and nian; tilu and nilu. i sorta know when people use them but im not THAT sure until i asked the dad recently.

so here's the trick...

tian (tee-un)
- liat(kan). (to)look.
nian (knee-un) - meliat. looking.

tian lamin jami ina ah, jami kan temuad haji tuh
liatkan rumah kami atu ah, kami kan naik haji ni

nian lamin baru ina dai jimu tendih?
meliat rumah baru atu tah kamu tadi?

*more examples later*

tilu (tea-loo)
- tunjuk(kan). (to)show.
nilu (knee-loo) - menunjuk. showing.

tilu dumbo lamin ini-ju, indo jayi manja
tunjukkan mana rumah nini-mu, inda ku tau

anak ina nilu lamin ini-nih ge bunu-puti ina
anak atu menunjuk rumah nini-nya arah orang-putih atu

make sense??

ok, more examples

tian VS tilu

tian puta mayin ina, ado ucing miyan duoh
liatkan ikan masin atu, ado kucing miyan karang

yapa-nih puru-tilu puta mayin ina ge yama-nih
bapa-nya suruh-tunjukkan ikan masin atu arah mama-nya
** 'puru-tilu' = petilu, in short.


cuba jiyu tian liyu ina, di'ek-nih
cuba kau liat sungai atu, damit-nya

cuba puru-tilu ge orang inda, dumbo liyu di'ek ina
cuba suruh-tunjukkan arah orang atu, dimana sungai (yang)damit atu


tian metuka ina, sukati-nih gala mupus simpang
liat kerita atu, sukahati-nya saja keluar simpang


tilu metuka baru -ju itu ge yama-ju eh
tunjuk(kan) kerita baru-mu ani arah mama-mu <-- (nya si bapa lah ni kiranya..huhu)


ok i hope those examples made it clear on when to use tian and tilu. or when to switch between nian and nilu.

goodnight people, Salam.


PS: See you guys at the 'Festival Lieu DX' this sunday the 22nd. More details here. It'll be a good opportunity to learn the tutong culture...
and maybe meet me up personally? ..huhu.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

madai. tutur.

sorry (again) for the lack of update. will only have new words after having 'conversation' with the dad. meaning, i rarely get to talk with the dad. hi-hi bye-bye saja. huhu. nadawah, i spend most of my summer with the mom; and only get to meet the dad during dinner. x)


these two words are similar in meaning but they are used in different areas. both mean jatuh, to fall. i'll give you the details of when to use each of them correctly.

madai (maa-dye)

you can use it to describe a child who was running around, and fell. also, to standing objects such as chair.


bwoh! madai nih anak ina, gama-nih per-rabang 'na
bwoh! rabah ya anak atu, bagas-ya ber-lari 'tu.

nah! madai dai nih lemari jagau ina.
nah! rabah tah ya almari tinggi atu.

madai tiang litrik ina ge jalan tendi.
jatuh tiang elektrok atu arah jalan tadi.

tutur (too-tor)

with tutur, dad only gave me two instances where we can use them. for one of the brances in a tree that fell on to the ground. or part of the house (esp those in kampung ayer) which just sank onto the ground. for both, the fall should not be intentional, such as cutting the tree branch.


sepit* dahan ina gama barui kuat, nah! tutur dai nih.
patah* dahan atu oleh angin kuat, nah! jatuh tah iya.
*will be explained in my next post. insyaallah*

kesian lamin ge kampung-ayer ina, tutur bah dapur-nih.
kesian rumah di Kampung-Ayer atu, tenggalam/susur bah dapur-nya.

*mind the sound of r and k alright, practice practice..huhu

2 more weeks till i fly back to nz, take care readers.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

our letters R and K.

i might have covered this previously, maybe in one of my earlier posts. i cant emphasise this fact enough, that we tutong-ians pronounce some letters differently. lets just say, we do it tutong way. woohoo! (who's with me? *angkat tangan*)

letter R.

is pronounced as the french R. the best way to explain it. mind you, spelling will still be the same.


mingor - bising
turis - perempuan
uri - ingau
tiru - sudah

letter K.

close to sound of Q i would say. anatomically, posterior 1/3 of your glossus is pressed hard on the soft palate. (cant help it. cant help it.huhu)

for instance,

metuka - kerita

kenayi - adik
kuan - punya
kambing - kambing (duh! hehe)

take care readers, Salam.


mingor. shhhhhh~

about the closing down, im not really sure yet. its still here, so thank god. huhu. but on a serious note, eventually i will have to close it down. vocabs limited wah, and i'll be busy this year. unless i manage to convince zuh to help me. ahem!


with today's word,

(see? i could only come up with one word for you guys today. showed how lazy i am nowadays.lazybum!).

i dont know if kenangan beach had this word up on his site or not, since hes updating more often than i am. and hes got more use-them-daily words. so if you want to learn the simples, please visit his site. i appreciate the effort, keep it up man(= otherwise just look at the examples i use in each of my post. they have small words in them, and are direct translation of each word. (well ofcourse you figured that out. heh) **


mingor (mee-ngor) = bising. noisy.

bah dong dai jiyu mingor, kenayi jiyu mangkol na.
bah jangan tah bising, adik mu tidur tu.

kudo jiyu kawin? endo da, dong dai mingor-mingor kuloh.
bila kau kawin? balum lagi, jangan tah bising-bising (or hingar-hingar) dulu.

** note:
kudo = bila
kenayi = adik
dai = tah
& so on.. (=

keep the 'r' sound right people (huhu), Salam.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

lunsad. bibai.

beribu ampun. beribu beribu ribu ribu ribu (lol). for the lack of updates. >.<

i am having my summer holiday now, nearly a month now. Been very busy spending time with the beloveds, then family vacation (siukkk brabisss) and etc etc. Oh well, hopefully i'll have more freetime this january so i can update this place more often.huhu. (inda janji ah! =p)

right, back to the 2-words-of-the-day. I was talking to my dad few weeks ago, and he mentioned these two words. and i found them very unique. Maksudnya, aku jarang dangar these words in the house lerr.

lunsad (loon-sudd) - kumuh, kusut. messy.

selalunya dipakai untuk lapik tilam/selimut/meja yang inda tantu, inda berusai. Messy.

lunsad lapiq mija miyan ina gama idoh
kusut lapik mejaatu oleh durang

bibai (bee-bye) - patah.

i found it hard to understand the concept of this word at first. Medically, i would say the concept is similiar to twig-stick bone fracture in small children. The dad said "patah tapi inda jua patah", and i was like, wth (lol). An example he used was a car door; someone crashed it badly but its still stuck onto car's body. hmmm, you get the picture? *will edit this again until i have a better way to explain it.huhu*

(in a fight)
ado ni bibai lengon-nih ina gama jayi du-oh!
ada ya hancur tangan-nya atu oleh ku karang!

I hope I will get more strange words in this house. otherwise i wont have anything to write cos im only interested in some alien words.huhu. =P

akeh, Salam cuti-dan-balik-sekolah-lagi kamu. (hehe)


ps/ kenangan beach: bah find out how to best describe bibai. (oh, thats ur assigment btw. huhu)

pps/ MERRY CHRISTMAS to all celebrating, a belated HAPPY HARI RAYA HAJI to all moslems,
and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. May god bless us all, always. (=

Saturday, July 07, 2007

WELCOME (updated)

Original post: 22 December 2006 (/edited 23rd September 2007)

after reading BR's post on tutong language last wednesday, I felt.. as someone who is 'anak tutong' (originated from tutong) i should at least contribute something to the development of tutong language. i cant do 'formal-ly' in this lit-field but i do hope this site can be found useful by anyone (interested) to know bits on tutong language.
warning: i am not a historian nor someone who studies linguistic in uni; plus im very young (awet muda). but i will try to post bits on the history of tutong district. anything related that i would come across later on. probably those not written in books, i have sources. If i have freetime that is, i would ask my old folks;my grandmas and datuks (grandpas?). i am sure they would know more real stuffs than those ever recorder on papers or books.

Abit about me, i am one of those 'anak tutong derhaka' who doesnot speak fluent tutong and yes im quite ashamed of that. sometimes i blame my parents for being too lenient, they are both tutong-ians (originated from tutong) but they speak to me in 'brunei malay'. i found it funny at times; my parents were talking to each other in 'tutong' then switched to 'melayu brunei' whenever i joined in or just happened to be around (sometimes they 'switched' in the middle of a sentence.hehe). so yeah, dont blame me if i cant speak one complete sentence in 'tutong'. huhu..

The purpose of this blog is for you to learn something new, and for me to improve my 'tutong' language.hehe. On a serious note, i really need some feedbacks. Leave some comments and do correct me if im wrong. You old folks know better...huhu

note: most of my reference(s) will be taken from a book.Courtesy of dewan bahasa pustaka.

Thanks for dropping by.

cheers everyone, Salam.

ps: I am very sorry for the lack of updates lately. Things are getting busier towards the end of the year, with finals just around the corner and at the same time, seeing my patients. >.<

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Friday, June 08, 2007

its definitely a LANGUAGE.

thanks to Ali for the fantastic article or should i say, explanation. Below is the exact thing he wrote in his email..

It comes to my mind that, seeing Bahasa Tutong and translate it into English, shall we use the word ‘language’ or ‘dialect’? Once I described Bahasa Tutong as dialect in this blog’s chatbox. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the main difference between dialect and language is that, dialect is a form of language which is used in a specific region or by a specific social group. While language is the system of communication used by a particular community or country.

I had the chance to ask Dr. Norazam Hj Othman, Deputy Director of Language Centre, Universiti Brunei Darussalam, concerning the usage of language or dialect in applying it to Bahasa Tutong. He supplied me with a study done by Prof. B Nothofer in 1991. The conduct of the study was based on a 'code' (generic term for language/ dialect/ variety) is a dialect, which it must mean that it is a dialect of a larger group of languages. So this is based by differentiating Bahasa Tutong with Standard Malay. Nothofer argued that for a code to qualify as a dialect of a language, the benchmark of cognate (similarities) percentage should be 80%. If a code does not reach this point, then the code is considered a separate language on its own. The outcome was, Bahasa Tutong only achieved 38%. While Bahasa Murut, Bisaya and Dusun all score low in percentage.

Therefore Tutong, Belait, Bisaya, Dusun and Murut are all languages in their own right, which is why Malay speakers do not understand them easily unless they learned to speak these languages.

On the other hand, Kedayan Malay, Kg Ayer Malay, Standard Malay and Brunei Malay are all dialects of the Malay language because they are all about 95-99% cognate. Also Malay dialects are Malaysian Malay, Indonesian Malay, and Singapore Malay. These all belong in one linguistic family. In fact even Tagalog is Malay.

Noarzam also informed me that, probably by the usage of ‘Bahasa’ in local contexts, which does not differentiate between ‘language’ and ‘dialect’, as a result, confusion occurs among layman.

Done by: Ali Idris

keep warm people, Salam.


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


i've noticed interesting conversations going on @ the tagboard. and i dont want my non-tutong readers to feel left out. so here are the translations.. enjoy~


eg: mason jayi tendi masa ido ni-an jayi / malu ku tadi masa durang liat aku. 30 May 07 07:04

mason ertinya malu 30 May 07 06:56

supasta: awu ge UK jayi sa. Eh ge Mesir.. Khaifahaluki? hehe... supasta inbit muli satu mummy. hehe 30 May 07 06:56
supasta: yes, im in UK. eh in Mesir? (i cant translate arab.sorry peep..huhu) supasta, bring me one mummy back.

nakalai: cuba jiyu introduce adat org tutong gitip mcm adat besiram/bebasuh po-o. how is that? 30 May 07 06:52
...why dont you try to introduce abit on our tutong customs eg: the 'basuh-kaki' in weddings..

any idea what they're talking about? find out in the next post. (= 28 May 07 13:42

jiu UK ali? jai ge mesir... 28 May 07 05:38
u're in UK? im in mesir.

I agree with Ali - perfect place for weekend - tho' i dont really understnd what ur saying awal2 atu hehehehe 27 May 07 09:30

supasta: oo.. ok.. cheers *wink* 26 May 07 09:25

ndo Ali..ge lain atin.. 26 May 07 07:34
no ali, another place..

supasta jiyu study ge UK kah? 26 May 07 05:15
supasta you're studying in UK?

Info about danau: danau adu org ge siyo basa dusun. tapi adu ot ido bebasa campur, tutong samo dusun. thats my personal observation. Indeed Danau is a nice area to chill at the weekend 26 May 07 05:13
info: danau has duson-speaking people. but most of them mix duson with tutong language.

hye... nui ado? 25 May 07 19:46
hi.. what's up?

i live in pengkalan mau..nado bisai2 tampat neh, nada view lawa2..ahaha.. 25 May 07 17:21

ok..i'll try but im seriously my grammer sux! even malay! but i'll try my best =) 23 May 07 20:20

nad: promote danau? i saw u got few great shots of danau. i would appreciate it even if its a short post about ur place.. 23 May 07 10:28

i live in Danau, Tutong - but i dnt speak Tutong nor Danau lang. :( so hope i can learn more from ur site.. hehe 22 May 07 21:20

nad: sure(=. thanks for the support. i welcome any suggestions or if you want to post something, that would be awwsome.. huhu 22 May 07 14:40

msOrdinary: thanks. nahh not very informative right now. quite busy with work..huhu 22 May 07 14:39

Hey nice blog, adore it! Hope u dont mind tht i link u to my page =) 20 May 07 13:37

oh yeah btw im Tutong-ninaz eheheh 20 May 07 13:37

wow, this is really something...my mom org tutong but i far from good in tutong language...klu menyelangot ok lah but uah start kan cakap...karau...this is nice n informative. 20 May 07 05:30

g-10: thanks for dropping by. and thanks to your 'kena'i' too~ (=.. i live in serembangun, few blocks away from the light-industrial complexes.. but both my parents are from somewhere else.. huhu 18 May 07 19:16

Salam nakalai, interesting benor blog ju tuh. Kena'i ku bada ge pasal blog ju. Since ju mentioned yapa yama ju urg ttg, jimu ttg ge dumbo?
salam.... your blog is interesting (thankyou!..huhu). My younger sibling (either brother or sister, no info given) told me about this blog. since you mentioned that both your parents are from tutong, where in tutong are you?


as you noticed, i cudnt really translate them word by word. it wont make sense. and will sound funny.

for example,
jimu tutong ge dumbo - kamu tutong di mana? you tutong where? <--- see what i meant..

interesting new words i noticed:
imbit - bawa. bring.
muli - balik. goinghome.
bada - baritahu. tell/inform.
mason - malu.
kenayi - adik. younger sibling.
segitip - sedikit. a bit.

till nex time, Salam.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007


atlast its here~~ blame it on the connection, it took me 2months to download the page. nah im kidding..huhu
sorry sorry.. im so sorry.. i know some of you have been waiting for me to write something here.. Not that ive been very busy but sometimes when i have the freetime, i dont have the 'feel' to write. *sigh* lack on inspiration i would say, motivate me people..huhu

bah enough crappies, here you are..

sambut (sum-boot) - pagi. morning
sarepot (sa-ree-pot) - petang. afternoon
lema (luh-maa) - malam. evening/night.
alu (aloo) - hari. the day.
tada-alu (ta-daa a-loo) - tengahari. noon.

alu-ituh - hari ani. today
kenalom - kelmarin. yesterday.
kenalom sarepot - kelmarin patang. yesterday afternoon.
lema-ituh - malam ani. tonight
lema-nih - dimalamnya. lastnight.
jayin - bisuk. tomorrow.
jayin-nih - bisuknya
lema jayin - malam bisuk. tomorrow night.
lema kenalom - dua hari kemarin. the day before yesterday.
*note the use of -nih and -ituh; refer to my previous posts to get the idea of how to use those two in any tutong words you know.

since alu is hari/-day, you can always apply it to name any day of the week. get what i mean? ok, here the examples..

alu senin - hari isnin. monday.
alu selasa - hari selasa. tuesday.
alu rabu (*mind the 'r' yahh) - hari rabu. wednesday.
etc .. etc..

its getting late. will give example of sentences using those words in my next post.

keep warm everyone, Salam.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

body parts (HAWTTT)

will have no explicit contents. sorry to disappoint you..hehe.

yep yep its been a wee-while since i last wrote something in here. my excuse, i need to focus on my studies. this year, almost 60% of the time i will be in clinics, seeing patients. not many lectures to go to and im not complaining..huhu. im busy at the moment helping the new brunei students settling-in etcetc. they just arrived here 3 days ago, and they are 1month late. so i guess they have heaps to catch-up on. well.. they will survive (i survived back then..huhu).

ok ok back to the topic. body parts. start from the top, i hope i wont miss anything.(=

uku (oo-koo) - head. kepala.
empok (um-pook) - hair. rambut.
mato (ma-toh) - eye. mata.
endong (un-dong) - nose. hidung.
jawui (ju-wooi) - face. muka.
bampa (bum-pa) - mouth. mulut.
epon (ee-pawn) - TEETH. gigi <---------------------- edit; how could i miss one thing i see every-single-day!?..huhu
jela (je-laa) - tongue. lidah.
batuq (baa-took) - neck. leher.
lengon (lu-ngonn) - hand. tangan
bekiu (beque) - elbow. siku.
tian (tea-yann) - stomach area. parut.
pu'ang (poo-ung) - thigh. paha.
pu'oh (poo-ohh) - leg. kaki
abut (a-boot) - ***** not going to tell you..hohoho ;) ;)

alrighty, thats all. will add to this list upon request..huhu

takecare everyone, Salam.

ps: i cant help but to say this. a line that i over-use everyday; brush, floss and clean you tongue..huhu(=

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hari kebangsaan ke-23.

23rd February.

Happy National Day to all fellow bruneians back home, or overseas. and whereever you are, remember to keep brunei 'inside' the heart. thats important really, eventho you've been 'away' for abit, 'home' is still brunei. huhu(=

Keep up the spirit people, Salam.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

binatang. animals.

happy chinese new year people. i just got home from the CNY festival in octagon (just 5 mins walk from my place). I (ofcourse with some friends) waited until midnight to see the 'fireworks'. it was amazing to see everyone just gathered around octagon since 6-7pm and celebrate CNY together. now thats the spirit. and ofcourse its a saturday night, a night for us the kids to go out and have a drink. school's going to start soon (this monday actually), so i could see students (80% of us here in dunedin = students) were trying to enjoy their 'freedomness'..huhu

ok back to today's post, as the title says.. it will be something on animals. Top of my list is MONKEY (i dont know why..huhu).

*note: single/plural doesnt matter here. (i think. still need to confirm with the 'book'.hehe)

kuyad (koo-yudd) - monkey. ambuk.
awuh (a-woo) - dog. anjing. kuyok.
ucing (woo-cheng) - cat. kucing.
puta (poo-taa) - fish. ikan.
bawui (baa-wooi) - pig. babi. [Happy CNY peeps! Year of Pig~ ]
manuk (maa-nook) - bird. burung.
a'al (a-ull) - chicken. ayam.
itik (yee-teek) - duck. itik.
buayo (boo-waa-yohh) - crocodile. buaya.
ketom (kuh-tome) - crab. ketam.
nepoh (nee-powh) - snake. ular.
telalod (tuh-la-lode) - housefly. lalat.
kerias (kurr-ree-ass) - mosquito. nyamuk.
belabu (buh-la-boo) - rat. tikus.

those are all i have in my mind. will add more to the list as requested (yes, just drop them @ the tagboard). insyaallah.

enjoy home you people.. as im abit homesick, Salam.


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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

bukuton ku jiyu duoh. mium tepap jiyu?.

im feeling abit naughty tonight..hehe

bukuton-ku jiyu duoh (boo-koo-tone-ku jee-you du-owh) = ku-tumbuk kau karang.

'bukuton ku jiyu duoh' is one of many phrases we have here in tutong. altho its a bad one, suprisingly the phrase is quite common among the tutong-ians. however most of us like to just utter those words; we dont have the intention to actually 'do' it. tutong-ians are not that mean..huhu (=

mium tepap jiyu? (mee-yoom te-pub jee-you) = minta tampar kau? do you want me to 'slap' you?

'tutong' mentioned in the tagboard that tampar is tepapon. we can use tepap or tepapon for tampar/slap. some people prefer tepap. while on some other occasions, 'tepapon' sounds better. ;)

2 for now, Salam everyone.

nb: sorry for the lack of post in the next 2or3 weeks, i'll be going back to dunedin soon..tsk tsk. i'll definitely post something up once everything's good.(=

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Friday, January 26, 2007

kisah ayam berkokok.

managed to record them during my visit to tasek merimbun. there's a tale behind it, according to grandma. Back in the old days, they use the sound as their 'alarm' to get up in the morning; also for the dawn prayer. and amazingly, it 'was' quite accurate. For me, its a 'was' because clearly the video was taken around 2pm (morning's over babeh)...huhu so i believe the 'modern roosters' are no longer reliable as the morning alarm, or is it because the modern 'us' dont really need them..?

cheers everyone, Salam.


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Thursday, January 25, 2007

tuyor. gilang-gilang.

courtesy of my grandma. thanks *hugs*

tuyor (too-your) - purun. ratan.

i dont know if i should verify this with the dewanbahasa ppl or not. According to my grandma, purun is actually 'tali' that's made from 'ratan', to make the 'tikars'. (=ratan-carpet??)
So 'balai purun' as you can see from the picture, is actually a place meant for people to gather and make those 'tikars' together. oh ofcourse, the one in picture is not in use, plus i dont think there's such thing as the working 'balai purun' nowadays. grandma said; only afew old folks left who actually know how to make the 'tikars', and they should be really-really old by now. ;)

gilang-gilang (ghee-lung ghee-lung) - rumput sundal.

the 'flowers' will stuck on your pants and you'll be irritated-slash-annoyed by them.sheesh. enough said. try walking through a field full of the 'rumput sundal', you'll take 24 hours* to clean the pants. *nah kidding~...huhu

*for more pictures on the visit to the 'tasek merimbun'*

2 words for today, Salam.


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a visit to the 'Taman Warisan Tasek Merimbun'

thanks to my grandma for being my (tourist)guide this afternoon..huhu

The purpose of my visit today was to get few shots of Tasek Merimbun. The scenery was simply breathtaking, as usual. Have a look on them here. or here for more shots. So yes, I dont do reviews but you can always read from either of these sites: (they are good btw. quite accurate i would say..huhu)

Sultanate - Tasek Merimbun
Brunei Travel Information
Kayaking in Tasek Merimbun (besides walking along the wooden walkways or having picnic, you can go for kayaking too!)
Dom, Becca & Ellie in Tasek Merimbun

Honestly, at the moment i dont think Tasek Merimbun is ready to be visited by anyone (esp the tourists). the wooden walkways are being removed at the moment so you cant actually go across to the 'Pulau Labi-labi' (more on this turtle-shaped island in the next post). Ahhh well... i'm guessing they are getting new planks and hopefully the walkways will be back soon, since next year will be the Visit Brunei 2008. N/theless, Tasek Merimbun is still a must-go-and-see heritage park when you come to visit Brunei/Tutong. (=

nahh enjoyy the pictures. as usual, click 'em to enlarge. and appreciate..huhu

cheers everyone, Salam.


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Thursday, January 18, 2007

family 'kita'.

kita is a tutong word for 'kami' btw.not kita as in 'kau'.funny ey..

now now what do i call my older brother at home? not that i have an older brother tho..hehe anyways, besides jiyu/jayi.. we do use specific terms to call the members in the family.

(clears throat) ikut cikgu ya anak murid.. huhu

bapa - yapa
mama - yama
abang - yabang
kaka - yaya (nope,not yaka. hehe)
uda - yuda

and i notice one trend in my dad's family (but i dont know if it applies to other family aswell.or its the correct way - i should find out) yes im using real names here. my dad calls his brothers/sisters*..

uda (hj ibrahim) - yuda <-- sometimes, ya-im
ismail (hj) - ya-il
jamil (hj) - yamil
acheh (hj rosaimi) - yacheh
abdulrahman (hj) - yaman
adi (hjh masni) - yadi
inah (hjh aminah) - yinah
dayang (hjh maidah) - yayang
jamilah (hjh ) - milah <-- this is weird. i should ask my dad about this. :P

**those not in brackets are their names (in malay) at home.nicknames lah kiranya.

some more, to give you clearer idea..

awang - yawang
boboi - yuboi
ibrahim - ya-im
alai - yalai
khairul - yerol

now now if u can see, there are 'y-'(s) added infront of the names. there are two theories lingering in my mind rite now, either they are used to replace malay's 'si-' (eg. si-khairul) or..
to make it more family-ish.instead of saying yabang for all the brothers,mebe. - i should find out.
/to be edited.

i'll be back, salam.

(yes im 'alai' at home. why not yalai,u might ask. others call me yalai, my nenek saja yang panggil nakalai all the time. others call me 'nakalai' sometimes, when they try to 'manja'kan aku.. huhu.
ehhh macam klw mama kamu ckap, "eh berakal 'anak-mama' ani".so 'anak-mama' in tutong, 'nak-ma' lah.)
nb: i love it when someone calls me 'nakalai'

Monday, January 15, 2007

anyam. puru.

i've used these two words in my previous post. anyam and puru. i wish to elaborate more on the use of these two words.meaning, you can use those words in different ways.

anyam (uh-nyumm) - rasa.

time merasa makan, examples..
'nui-dai anyam-nih? = apa-tah rasa-nya*?' (*referring to something.especially food.nyum-nyum)
'jiya anyam lakanon-nih = nyaman rasa makanan-nya~'

time tanya khabar orang, usually orang sakit lah.and this time, anyam is 'rasa-badan'...
'jiya tiru anyam jiyu? = nyaman/baik sudah rasa mu?'
'endo jiya anyam-nih kali = inda nyaman/baik rasa-nya* kali'
*referring to a third person

puru (poo-roo) - suruh.

lets go straight to examples..
'puru-nih jayi ngala lakanon ina = (di)suruh-nya aku ngambil makanan atu'
'jayi puru iyo ge kadai melih lakanon = aku suruh ya ke kadai bali makanan' (makanan lagi..yes im hungry.buyon.huhuhu..)
'puru nih muli awal ituh!! = suruh ya balik awal ani!!'

**notice the use of -nih. if its connected to the previous word, it is '-nya' in malay. if seperated, jadi 'ia/ya'. same purpose, referring to the third person. atau benda lain.

kalau ada yang salah..tagur, salam.



Sunday, January 14, 2007

random ones.

few words from the tagboard.also those used in previous posts,and they are not in the 'basics' list.
so that nobody is lost here.huhuhu..

mason (ma-sone) - malu. galat-rasa.
buyon (boo-yone) - lapar. hungry.
besor (bu-sor*) - kanyang. full. *remember the 'r'. ;)
temangis (tu-ma-ngeese) - menangis. cry(ing).
od (odd) - jua.
jawui (ja-wooi) - muka. wajah. face.

alright.atu saja dulu.

*if you guys have words you wish to be translated,just drop them @ the tagboard.thank you. (=

cheers kamu, Salam.



Saturday, January 06, 2007

begalap. enggayi.

sorry for the lack of updates.or posts,i should say.aku pemalas.'macam' nada sambutan.huhuhu.. oh oh i found out someone actually 'noticed' this blog and even promoted it arah his site.and he thinks its cool.hehehe..thanks dude.

begalap (bu-gu-lupp) - baibun. joking.

begalap gala od jimu ituh. lepas ina temangis.
baibun saja jua kamu ani. lapas atu menangis. (huhuhu..)

(ung-gu-yee) - mengusut.

common to describe those kids complaining/crying.herm,apa mengusut ani in english ah.bah anyone,tulung dih.*to be edited*

enggayi anak ina, endo jiya anyam-nih kali.
mengusut anak atu, inda nyaman rasa*-nya kali. (*galak rasa.damam)

two words for now, salam.



Tuesday, December 26, 2006

maang. raya.

i had my 2 words ready for today until ta mentioned few 'interesting' lines. 'abut jiyu maang' and 'iti jiyu raya'. i had a good laugh. lol (and more LOL). no i wont tell you the meaning here. too explicit to be posted. email me if you're that curious. huhuhu..
oh yes, that is why i have 'maang' and 'raya' for todays' two-words. (=

maang (maa-'ung) - merah. red.

to describe red-coloured object. duh. not only objects, someone's face or part of body (*wink* lol). huhuhu..

jawui-ni maang..
muka-nya merah..

(r*a-ya) - basar. big.
*french 'r'

can be for something huge like 'a huge house' - lamin raya. talking about our 'r', it is similar to the french 'r'. so anything spells with 'r' will be pronounce with the french r. its the letter after 'ain'. 'ghin'. if you remember you jawi that is. huhuhu..

puru raya bah mato ina !
suruh basar bah mata atu !

2 words for today, Salam.


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Monday, December 25, 2006

peep~ lakau dai jiyu kulu!!!

i smiled when a friend of mine told me he knew one famous line. in tutong ofcourse. 'abut jiyu raya' nya. ceh, siapa lagi mengajar anak atu that line. i wont tell you what they stand for, find out from someone else. haha..

yes, we do have lines of our own. top of my evergreen list...

'lakau dai jiyu kulu!!!' (la-cow dye jew koo-loh) - 'jalan tah kau dulu!!!'

use it to reply after someone car-horns you. i like to utter it whenever where i hear a car-horn. oh yes, you YELL, baru umph! huhuhu..

a line for now, Salam.



alud. liyu.

alud (a-lood) - perahu.

i dont know how to describe perahu in english. i cant think of its english word right now. eh macam the ones in kampung ayer, water taxis ah. but the word alud is rather appropriate for the older version of those hi-speed water taxis. where a 2m wooden paddle is used to get the alud moving. "kayuh! kayuh! kayuh! buaya blakang kamu!!" huhuhu..

yapa-ni ado alud na..
bapa-nya ada perahu tu..

liyu (lee-yooh) - sungai. river.

nada sungai,nada lah perahu. so yeah we call river, liyu. but you can't use Liyu Tutong for Sungai Tutong. for me, it just doesn't sound right. ah well, lets just ask my nenek. huhuhu..

alud-ni ge liyu tiru..
perahu-nya di sungai sudah..

2 words for now, Salam.



Sunday, December 24, 2006

sigot. diek.

sorry for the '1-day off'.internet has been suck-ky this week.*ampas2 modem.staring at it,hoping the ASDL light would be on*.

sigot (see-gott) - rajin. hardworking.

since i've posted lundung, i guess it wouldn't be complete without its opposite. like lundung, this word is a rare in our home. aku pun baru tau afew minutes ago, courtesy of Haji Ishak. mr-daddy-ku.huhu..

sigot od jiyu ituh kepasak
rajin jua kau ani memasak

diek (dee-ache) - damit. kecil. small. tiny.

common word. we use this for someone younger in the family. like anak damit, adik kecil. it is also suitable for describing things like a house, or a car. boleh jua untuk badan, but alus is more appropriate to describe someone being skinny.

diek od lamin ina...
damit jua rumah atu...
*please refer basic list for the 'other' words in the sentence. Tq (=

2 words for now, Salam.



Saturday, December 23, 2006

lundung. kepasak.

lundung (loon-dong) - malas. lazy.

i would say this word is rarely used. even among the tutong people. it is a very 'strong' word, usually for 'extreme' cases. huhu.. ie 'terlalu malas'. 'very very lazy'.

lundong jiyu ituh!
pemalas banar kau ani!

kepasak (ke-pu-suck) - memasak. cooking.

a noun. used 24/7 in the kitchen. okay, may be in 'my' kitchen. of 'my' house. huhu..

endo jiyu kepasak lema ituh?
inda kau memasak malam ani?

2 words for now, Salam.




nui ado? (apa ada?. what's up?)

anyways, i guess i shall start with few basic tutong words, 'cause i will use most of them in my future posts. especially when i try to make a sentence using a particular word.

im sure most of you guys would know these...

jayi - aku.i.me.
jiyu - kau.you.
jami - kami.we.
jimu - kamu.you guys.you people.
miyan - makan.eat(-ing).
lakau - jalan.going out.
endo - inda
ituh - ani
ina - atu
lema - malam. evening. -night.
alu - pagi. hari. morning.

i guess ani saja dulu.will try to update this list selalu.huhu(=

cheers kamu, Salam.

*please..do drop a word or two.i need feedbacks,correct me if im wrong.you might want to add in some more words (or english words) to this 'basic' list and yes i'll have them in.thank you.